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A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Written By William Shakespeare
Directed By Andrew Larimer
May 2011 & October 2011: New Orleans Museum of Art; Besthoff Sculpture Garden

A.J. Allegra: Peter Quince
Andrew Vaught: Theseus/Oberon (10/2011)
Ayla Miller: Peaseblossom
Chris Kaminstein: Snout, Demetrius (10/2011)
Daisy Rosoto: Cobweb
Emilie Whelan: Nick Bottom
Elizabeth Carson: Moth (10/2011)
Francesca McKenzie: Puck
James Bartelle: Snout (10/2011)
Jason Kirkpatrick: Theseus/Oberon
Kali Russell: Moth
Karoline Patrick: Fairy
Kesha McKey: Hippolyta/Titania
Kristin Witterschein: Hermia
Madeline Daste: Mustardseed
Mark Routhier: Egeus
Martin Covert: Egeus (10/2011)
Mike Harkins: Snug
Natalie Boyd: Snug (10/2011)
Richard Alexander Pomes: Robin Starveling
Sam Dudley: Francis Flute
Sean Glazebrook: Demetrius
Veronica Hunsinger-Loe: Helena
Zach Rogers: Lysander

Christina Combel: Stage Manager
Shauna Leone: Costume Design
Phil Cramer: Scenic Design & Construction
Megan Whittle: Assistant Stage Manager

This magical outdoor production brought Shakespeare's classic tale to new life in NOMA's Besthoff Sculpture Garden.

Some Personal History...
Perhaps the biggest thrill performing ‘Midsummer’ was the time spent off stage, gathered on the front steps after the audience had traveled back to the oak grove, listening for the ROAR that would come from the audience once Jason Kirkpatrick as Oberon declared ‘I AM INVISIBLE’ and simply took a stone-still pose amongst the eight foot collection of naked male statues.  Such a simple bit of staging causing such utter and instantaneous joy amongst hundreds of theatregoers from age four to ninety.  And what a roar it made.  Incredible. –A.J. Allegra

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