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Almost an Evening

Almost an Evening
By Ethan Coen
Directed By James Yeargain, A.J. Allegra, and Sam Dudley
January 2011: The Nims Blackbox Theatre at NOCCA

‘Waiting’ directed by James Yeargain
A.J. Allegra: Nelson
James Bartelle: McMartin
Jason Kirkpatrick: Polhemus

Natalie Boyd: Receptionist
Sean Glazebrook: Mr. Sebatacheck

‘Four Benches’ directed by A.J. Allegra
James Yeargain: Texan
Jared Gore: Earl
Jason Kirkpatrick: Mr. Boodrum

Kristin Witterschein: Girl
Natalie Boyd: Woman
Sam Dudley: One

Sean Glazebrook: Control

‘The Debate’ directed by Sam Dudley
A.J. Allegra: Waiter
James Bartelle: Young Man
James Yeargain: God Who Loves

Jared Gore: Angel One, Understudy
Jason Kirkpatrick: God Who Judges, Actor

Kristin Witterschein: Young Woman
Natalie Boyd: : Lady Friend
Sam Dudley: Angel Two

Sean Glazebrook: Maitre D'


Laura Jean Hoffpauir: Stage Manager
Dan Zimmer: Lighting Design
Davis Barron: Sound Design
Shauna Leone: Costume Design

Megan Whittle: Assistant Stage Manager

Three darkly humorous plays that fail to answer life’s big questions. Ethan Coen of the Coen Brothers, the duo behind such iconic films as Raising Arizona, Fargo, No Country for Old Men, Burn After Reading, and recently True Grit, adds playwriting to his impressive resume in the form of three hysterical and disturbing plays that blend traditional Coen Brothers off-kilter humor, with other theatre and film influences such as Beckett, Abbot, Costello, Sartre and Pinter. The theme tying the three together is hell—both on earth and in the hereafter.

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