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As You Like It

As You Like It
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sam Dudley

May 2012: The New Orleans Museum of Art; Besthoff Sculpture Garden

Alex Martinez Wallace: Silvius
Clint Johnson: Amiens
James Bartelle: Jaques
Jason Kirkpatrick: Charles; William
Jim Wright: Duke Frederick
Kate Kuen: Celia
Kathlyn Carson: Rosalind
Keith Claverie: Le Beau; Corin
Kris Shaw: Duke Senior
Kristin Witterschein: Audrey
Michael Aaron Santos: Oliver
Michael Krikorian: Orlando
Michael Sullivan: Adam; Hymen
Mike Harkins: Touchstone
Natalie Boyd: Phebe

Beau Bratcher: Asst. Director
Andrea Watson: Stage Manager
Elyse McDaniel: Asst. Stage Manager
Megan Whittle: Asst. Stage Manager
Casie Duplechain: Production Manager
Shaune Leone: Costume Design
Eric Thielman: Choreographer
Alex Martinez Wallace: Fight Choreographer

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