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By Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman
Directed by A.J. Allegra
October 2008: Muriel’s Cabaret Theatre at Le Petit Theatre

Aaron Richert: Billy
Alex Martinez Wallace: Giuseppe Zangara
Andrew Farrier: Ensemble
Angela Papale: Ensemble
Gary Rucker: Balladeer/Lee Harvey Oswald
Jimmy Murphy: John Wilkes Booth
Kate Kuen: Emma Goldman / Ensemble
Lauren Elens: Lynette "Squeaky'' Fromme
Lisa Picone: Sara Jane Moore
Matthew Mickal: John Hinckley
Paul Broussard: Ensemble
Richard Alexander Pomes: Samuel Byck
Ricky Graham: Charles Guiteau
Sam Dudley: Leon Czolgosz
Tara Brewer: Ensemble
Vatican Lokey: The Proprietor
William Bryant: Ensemble

Jefferson Turner: Musical Director
Kyle Herbert: Scenic/Sound Designer
Eli Grove: Scenic Designer
Scott Sauber: Lighting Design
Cecile Casey Covert: Costume Design
Laura Jean Hoffpauir: Stage Manager
Megan Whittle: Asst. Stage Manager
Richard Alexander Pomes: Publicity

In an abandoned fairground, nine presidential assassins and would-be assassins gather to reenact their tales of disillusionment, outrage, and dreams gone awry. Each culminates in the brutal and infamous act of assassination, an act both highly disturbing and undeniably American.

2009 Stoorer Boone Award for Best Musical of the Year
2009 Big Easy, Stoorer Boone Awards for Best Director of a Musical: A.J. Allegra
2009 Big Easy (supp), Stoorer Boone Awards for Best Actor in a Musical: Jimmy Murphy
2009 Big Easy, Stoorer Boone Awards for Best Supp Actress of a Musical: Lisa Picone
2009 Ambie Award for Best Supp. Actor in a Musical: Richard Alexander Pomes
2009 Stoorer Boone Award for Best Music Director: Jefferson Turner
2009 Stoorer Boone Award for Best Costume Design: Cecile Covert
2009 Stoorer Boone Award for Best Scenic Design: Kyle Herbert and Eli Grove

some personal history…

Never directing a musical before, I was terrified of the possibility. Yet I think that was the same factor that drew me to the project. I used to sit in my office at school before the cast would show up for rehearsal blocking out the musical staging for numbers by cutting out tiny squares of paper for each character. I would then move the papers around to see what patterns looked good. Whatever works, I guess.—A.J. Allegra
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