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Mr. Marmalade

Mr. Marmalade
By Noah Haidle
Directed By Andrew Larimer
August 2009: Muriel’s Cabaret Theatre at Le Petit Theatre

A.J. Allegra: Mr. Marmalade
James Yeargain: Bradley
Kristin Witterschein: Sookie/Sunflower

Natalie Boyd: Lucy
Richard Alexander Pomes: George, Cactus
Sam Dudley: Larry


Ashley Butler: Stage Manager
Shauna Leone: Costume Design
Josh Palmer: Scenic and Lighting Design
A&P Promotion: Publicity

Lucy is a modern-day four-year-old with a wild imagination. Mr. Marmalade is her best friend. The only problem is, he’s imaginary. He’s also a bipolar drug addict with a penchant for adult entertainment.By turns hilarious and touching, Mr. Marmalade is a comedy for the modern age about what it takes to grow up in these changing times.

Some Personal History...
The memory of putting together Mr. Marmalade is a hazy blur, much like one of Mr. Marmalade’s own drug-fueled binges.  It was the fastest, craziest two weeks of intense rehearsals I’ve ever enjoyed.  Perhaps my favorite element of the process was assembling the props inside my character’s suitcase.  At one point in the play, the script calls for Marmalade’s suitcase to spill open, throwing pornographic magazines, chains, handcuffs, and cocaine everywhere.  It also specifically called for a ‘giant dildo’ to fall out.  For this purchase, we walked to a leather sex shop in the French Quarter (can’t recall WHICH leather sex shop) to purchase one.  The shop’s worker was all too willing to show us the WIDE variety of options to choose from.  After picking out the largest but cheapest member, the owner then emerged from the back to inform us that August was Dildo Two-For-One Month.  We got two.  He then tried to purchase advertising for the sale in our program.  I was incredibly sad we had to deny him.  So in went the dildo, the porn, the cuffs, the coke, the O Magazine…But there was still one thing missing.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but I still wanted something truly ‘WTF?!’ to fall out along with everything else.  And then I found it:  actor John Mahoney’s headshot.  Don’t bother asking why.  It just made perfect sense.  In acting school, teachers tell you all the time to create an actorly surmise, or a secret that only you keep.  Somehow, some way John Mahoney became mine.  –A.J. Allegra

2009 Big Easy Award for Best Actress in a Comedy:  Natalie Boyd
2009 Big Easy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy:  A.J. Allegra

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