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Poona the Fuckdog

Poona the Fuckdog
By Jeff Goode
Directed By Kate Kuen
December 2008: Muriel’s Cabaret Theatre at Le Petit Theatre

A.J. Allegra: Fairy God Phallus, Angel Mike, Rabbit, Guard
Alex Martinez Wallace: Man Who Could Sell Anything, Jasper, Angel Gabby
Claire Gresham: TV, Stagehand #1, Suzy Suzy, Giant Killing Box
Kate Kuen: Poona
Kyle Herbert: Jack, Frog, Stagehand #2, Citizen, Reporter #1, Computer
Michael Aaron Santos: Shrub, Mr. Beer, Aide
Pete McElligott: Storyteller, Cunt, God, Citizen, Reporter 2
Richard Alexander Pomes: Prince, Telegram, Sparky, Kid
Chi Chi: Devil's Dog
Jim Fitzmorris: Guest Storyteller
Lara Grice: Guest Storyteller
Leo DeJesus: Guest Storyteller
Michael Sullivan: Guest Storyteller
Sean Patterson: Guest Storyteller
Vatican Lokey: Guest Storyteller

Megan Whittle: Stage Manager
Chastity Hartman: Crew
Elizabeth Levy: Crew
Sam Dudley: Asst. Stage Manager
Wesley Calloway: Asst. Stage Manager
Laura Jean Hoffpauir: Costume Coordinator
Edward R. Cox: Photographer
A.J. Allegra: Publicity
Richard Alexander Pomes: Publicity
Kathy Rodriguez: Artwork
Kyle Herbert: Sound Designer
Scott Sauber: Lighting Designer
Eli Grove: Set Designer
Bobby Panama: Set Designer
All music in show created by A.J. Allegra, Alex Martinez Wallace and Kyle Herbert

Spicier than a candy cane and hotter than Santa’s lap, Poona is the adults-only children’s theatre that is a holiday treat for everyone who is sick of holiday treats. It is an irreverent, hilarious, hot mess of a play that not only leaves its audience members in stitches, but makes them think about modern relationships in a whole new twisted way.

some personal history…
I arrived three days before the show opened to play five parts that involved more quick changes than a single person can actually do.  As a result, I broke my toe, I broke AJ’s glasses, and Kyle Herbert left the United States.—Pete McElligott

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