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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare
Directed by James Bartelle
December 2011 & 2012: The New Orleans Museum of Art; The Great Hall

A.J. Allegra: Mercutio
Alex Martinez Wallace: Romeo
Andrew Larimer: Benvolio
Francesca McKenzie: Gregory/Apothecary
James Bartelle: Chorus
James Yeargain: Sampson/Friar John
Jim Wright: Lord Capulet
Kate Kuen: Lady Capulet
Keith Claverie: Gregory/Apothecary (12/2012)
Ken Thompson: Paris (12/2012)
Kristin Witterschein: Juliet
Kyle June Williams: Lady Montague
Martin Covert: Lord Montague
Matt Standley: Friar Lawrence
Morrey McElroy: Prince of Verona
Natalie Boyd: Nurse
Richard Alexander Pomes: Tybalt
Sam Dudley: Balthasar
Trina Beck: Lady Capulet (12/2012)
Zach Rogers: Paris

Jamie Montelepre: Stage Manager
Eric Thielman: Choreographer
Joan Long: Lighting Design
Shauna Leone: Costume Design
Beau Bratcher: Assistant Stage Manager
John B. Barrois: Production Photographer



some personal history

One evening, during the opening sword-fight sequence, I got a little too excited about the kick-ass fight choreography, lost my footing in the heat of battle and wiped out on the steps of NOMA.  Thankfully, I was able to recover and eventually regain the upper-hand on Balthazar (Sam Dudley).  After the show, two audience members told me the fight, "looked so real!".  Well, at least one part of it was -- and I had the bruise on my arm ( and ego) to prove it.  -- Keith Claverie


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