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The Lieutenant of Inishmore

The Lieutenant of Inishmore
By Martin McDonagh
Directed By Noel Wilson
Produced as a Co-Production with Southern Rep Theatre

July-August 2007: Southern Rep Theatre


Andrew Larimer: Davey
Dane Rhodes: Christy
George Sanchez: Donny
Kathlyn Tarwater: Mairead
Pete McElligott: Padraic
A.J. Allegra: Brendan
James Bartelle: James
Will Connolly: Joey

Sean Creel: Scenic Designer
Christian Smith: Lighting Design
Michelle Bohn: Costume Design
Peter McElligott: Sound Design
Michelle Kelleher: Stage Manager
Sean Glazebrook: Asst. Stage Manager
John B. Barrois: Photographer
Waldo Warshaw: Fight Choreographer
Ryan Rilette: Producer
Joseph Riley: Master Carpenter

The Lieutenant of Inishmore tells a bloody revenge story spurred by the murder of a beloved cat. Heads roll in this darkly comic tale of renegade IRA bombers and kitty-killers. Wee Thomas is dead; now someone is going to pay….

some personal history…
Our first collaboration with Southern Rep in the summer of 2007 was also our return to the sick mind of Martin McDonagh; ripe with severed cats and heads, gun-toting lasses and Irish terrorists. I had the distinct pleasure of having my face and left arm replicated so my body could be decapitated onstage. Through the guidence of the truly disturbed genius Waldow Warshaw, we were trained to fire 9 mm berrettas, compress air into blood-tanks, and mix 5 gallons of eatable and non-eatble stage-blood per performace. With the help of Noel Wilson's direction and story-tellling, and Sean Creole's intricate set, "The Lieutenant of Inishmore" defied our expectations and ambitions, and raised the bar to a new level of standard for The NOLA Project.—Will Connolly


2008 Big Easy, Stoorer Boone, and Ambie Awards for Best Comedy
2008 Big Easy and Marquee Awards for Best Supp. Actor in a Comedy: James Bartelle
2008 Big Easy and Stoorer Boone Awards for Best Director of a Comedy: Noel Wilson
2008 Big Easy, Stoorer Boone Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy: Pete McElligott
2008 Stoorer Boone Award for Best Sound Design
2008 Ambie Award for Special Effects

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