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The Misanthrope

The Misanthrope
By Moliere
Directed by James Tripp
July 2006: The New Orleans Museum of Art

Alexis Jacknow: Celimene
Pete McElligott: Alceste
Sean Glazebrook: Philinte
A.J. Allegra: Oronte
Andrew Larimer: Acaste
James Bartelle: Dubois
Janet Shea: Arsinoe
Scarlett Bermingham: Eliante
Will Connolly: Clitandre
Nick Kocher: Guard
Michelle Bart: Basque

Gary Solomon, Jr.: Lighting Design
Jenni-Lee Crewe: Set Design
Scarlett Bermingham: Costume Design
Peter McElligott: Sound Design
Nick Kocher: Stage Manager
Sean Creel: Carpentry
Marcos Gonzales: Hair Styling
Caylie Sadin: Light Board
Caitlyn Boillotat: Sound Board
Richard Wilbur: Translation

With great wit and an ironic sense of humor, The Misanthrope explores the role of truth in society -- whether total candor is the noblest path, or if little white lies are necessary, and how far they should be taken.

some personal history…
With The Misanthrope, we allowed Jimmy (Tripp) his first pick of shows. James (Jimmy) Tripp is the head of acting at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, where all of the original NOLA Project members studied theatre while at NYU. Jimmy is a master of classical acting technique and served as a strong inspiration to all of us in his courses in Shakespeare and Classical Style. This being his second show with us, after directing Cripple, we wanted to work with Jimmy on the classics he does best, in this case, Moliere.

The severe lack of available theatres forced Andrew to think creatively, and he found us a space in the New Orleans Museum of Art that was perfect. The friendly museum enjoyed hosting us, and rehearsing day in and day out in a beautiful art museum wasn’t too bad for us either. Jimmy set the show in modern times with all of the men wearing nice tuxedos that we pulled together and the women all wearing stunning designer dresses.
Misanthrope marked the second major time that we had employed the impromptu NOLA Project slogan ‘Act with your hair.’ After Cripple, in which Andrew cut his hair into a very awkward crew cut (probably how a cripple boy without much money would cut his own hair) and Alex completely shaved the top of his head, leaving a large tuft surrounding his dome, Misanthrope required Will Connolly to bleach his hair to achieve the coke-addict look Jimmy wanted, and Andrew topped himself off with jet black hair and an accompanying handlebar moustache complete with moustache wax. Not to be outdone, Sean Glazebrook grew a semi-creepy pencil thin moustache that never failed to turn off all women.—A.J. Allegra

There was a point in the show when the character played by Sean Glazebrook had to do an impression of the character played by me.  Sean was worried about this section because he wasn’t sure if he could really do “me”.  So to help him out, we worked on it together the day before he’d have to do it in rehearsal.  Not a lot of work but an hour or so.  We talked about things I was doing with the character that he could imitate.  We talked about aspects of my character he could exaggerate to have fun with the impression.  We even went so far as to have me perform his character’s impression so he could just copy it in his performance.  The following day in rehearsal the moment came for Sean’s impression.  Apparently, Sean Glazebrook sees me as some sort of gruff pirate who’s somewhere between the ages of 75 and 125 years old and loves to chop his hands rigidly through the air when he’s angry.

What I’m saying here is Sean Glazebrook is the only person who’s ever seen the real me.—Pete McElligott

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